research/ publication
Basel, 2019

The publication  is an open tool and research documentation. Serafina Ndlovu and I studied the manifest of the swiss-based collective RAAUPE and particularly their idea of a collective time economy. Over the course of two months we discussed related concepts such as efficiency, alienation and work. How and why do we have internalized them? How can we empower ourselves collectively to reduce suffering and to strengthen our mental health. What are our liabilities, our desires? What do we want to care for? How can we unlearn efficiency? What does our time say about our privileges?

audiocast from the publication launch

Zeitgestalten consists of short essays, open questions, collection of possible zuwendungs- categories, and context-reflective photographs. We designed a tool to estimate an individual and/ or a collective time-code. The Code reflects your main categories of your current or utopia „zeitgestalt“. The code can serve as a tool to strike up conversation about a collective time economy whether it be with your friends, family oder flat mates. It’s a copyleft project-  Everyone is welcome to develop the layers of the publication. Copy it, change the order, add or delete content, do whatever you like to do with it. If you would like to share your new versions or follow-up projects with us, we are super curious.

role I conception, research, production

team   I Serafina Ndlovu

hyperlinks   I Raaupe Collective, Frigga Haug (4 in 1)