public intervention series
Berlin, 2014

In this installment, VOYEURS explored the accidental interactions that can arise from the random encounters between the work and its possible audience; thus focusing on the public as the/ a performer and the idea of the audience as a canvas for action and reaction.

role   I conception, project assistance

team   I Zona D, Vincent Chomaz, MPA-B

artists & interventions   I VOYEURS 1 – Sara Zaltash, MY NAME IS SARA ZALTASH AND I AM LOOKING FOR SEBASTIAN BECHINGER-ENGLISH ( Mariannenplatz, May 1st),  VOYEURS 2 – Sara Wellenkamp, ACHILES HEEL ( Alexanderplatz, May 2nd), VOYEURS 3 – Natacha Mankowski, I AM AN OASIS ( Leopoldplatz, May 10th), VOYEURS 4 – Ian Deleón, ALL THAT IS SOLID MELTS INTO AIR (Cuban Embassy, May 15th), VOYEURS 5 – Constantin Engelmann & Elisa Storelli, TRILLENIUM ( Motto Berlin (Skalitzer Straße 68), May 16th), VOYEURS 6 – Anna Katharina Aichroth, INDIGO ( Schönhauser Allee 9, May 17th), VOYEURS 7 – Anna Julia Amaral, TIRED OF BEING A WOMAN ( Kottbusser Tor, May 22nd), VOYEURS 8 – Claudia Kühn, FINGER ( Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, May 23rd), Finissage – Zona D (Holzmarkt 25, May 30th)

hyperlinks   I Finissage, Open Call, review, MoMA documetation