physical computing installation
Potsdam, 2015

TRANSL8R is a chain of multilingual machines to play the Chinese whispers game with [Stille Post], meant to be shown in an exhibition contex- it consists of four boxes.

The first box listens to the visitor’s message and repeats it out loud. The second box listens to the first one and translates that message into a different language. The third and fourth one each do the same (every box speaks a different language).  Finally, the first box translates the message back into the original language. In an ideal case, that message would be the same as the original one, but the little mistakes of the translation engine make for a funny ending.

role   I conception, project mngtm, video (camera& editing)

team   I Wolfgang Albrecht, Marta Carlesso, Paul Klinski, Nina Komarova-Zelinskaya, Dustin Kummer, Bela Kurek, Andre Nagusch, Joshua Pacheco, Laura Pau Bielsa, Nikolas Ripka, Jo Swarzynska, Daria Thies, Lucas Vogel

hyperlinks   I GitHub, video abstract