live-feature festival
Basel, 2020 & 2022 & 2024

A live-feature is a sound-based piece, that is performed to an audience in a physical space. The contributions have a huge variety in terms of instruments, media and thematic focusses.

Various auditive storytellers presenting their artistic practise in this alternative discursive format. The live-feature-festival celebrates an open audioculture through the public reflection and negotiation of sociopolitical topics. The visitors are connected through the collective act of deep listening in physical space, which cultivates to an empathic
discourse contribution. As a development of the radio feature genre, a live-feature enables the audience to get an immediate access to the production-process.

role I conception, curation, production, care

team I Sebastian Gebhart, Luca Zeller, Rebecca Geyer, Luis Manuel, Marc Lohri, Jonas Balmer, Carlotta Thomas and many more

venues I 2024: KASKO Werkraum Warteck pp, 2022: Rhythmusmessycambio, 2020: Stadtwerkstatt Basel

photos I 2024: Samuel Bramley, 2022: Josephine Weber Photography, 2020: Giovanna León

hyperlinks I Website, Instagram