Jaun, 2019

Mule hacking- Was hat das mit Eseln zu tun?  was part of the assessment-weekend for applicants of the HyperWerk Institute (Academy of Art and Design Basel).

The attendees were asked to find possible employers, institutions or people I could work together with/for and send an initiative application in the name of…me (Mule). As my bachelor study was almost finished, I was looking for job- perspectives as a graduate. I was curious to see how and where other people would introduce me. It’s not common think about someones’ professional future collectively. It’s also quite liberating to write someone else’s application as you’re less anxious. At the same time you feel in charge and responsible as you have the power to act anonymous (in the name of the other person). Each letter we sent, consisted of a curriculum vitae and a motivation note. The documents were collages of the real cv’s and motivation letters of all participants, which created several collective personas in a playful way.

role   I conception, co-moderation

team   I Silvan Waidmann

hyperlink   I Project review (p. 184/185)