installation/ performance
Basel, 2018

C#ke Stories was the first exhibition curated by the The School of Cake, which took place at the Academy of Art and Design Basel in January 2018. The interactive exhibition consisted of ten screens, arranged in a circle on individual table set ups. Each screen showed a looped film of a person eating cake, from the corresponding food film series C#ke Stories.   

The individuality of each set up with a correlating film of a person eating was in reference to information gathered from previously conducted interviews, in which participants described how they frequently eat alone at their desks in front of their laptops and computers during the day. During the exhibition viewers were given cake and encouraged to enter into an eating dialogue with a screen of their choice.

role   I conception, installation, performance

team   I Orlando Lovell, David Bachmann, Silvan Rechsteiner, Inti Zea

photos I ©Friedrich J. Richter, 2018

hyperlinks   I announcment, films