Basel, 2019

The 3-day-long workshop Bring your CV and hack your biography! – Erfinde deinen Beruf. occur in frames of an art education network modul at Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel. Master students of different swiss universities were invited to experiment artistic ways of creating curriculum vitaes. Through working with the cut-up-method they re-designed their own resumes.  Our discussions about conventions of the visualisation of cv’s and thus rituals of self-introduction where trustful and intense. Aspects of discriminatory practices in job-related processes and their emancipatory potential came up and became visible in the artefacts . Some participants reported that they felt empowered for their future everyday life practices, like application procedures.

role   I conception, production/ co-moderation

team   I Catherine Walthard, Elisa Petri, workshop-participants